Ordinary to do the Extraordinary

As our children began to grow and leave the nest, we soon realized the changes we would be facing as a married couple.  With no kid activities to circle our life around, it now became just the two of us.  This was a transition in life that we were not prepared for as it seemed to come from nowhere.  We also realized that some of our friends were calling it quits after 20 years or more of marriage.  So we decided to do a Christian based book study for Empty Nesters to encourage couples going through this stage of life, including us!  At the same time we were taking ballroom dance lessons to prepare for the marriage of our oldest daughter.  We both noticed that many of the lessons we were learning from the book, we were also learning in our ballroom dance class. 

Lori asked Dan, “Do you want to teach ballroom dance with our marriage enrichment book study? “ Dan’s words were, “We are not good enough to teach dance.”   Now, looking back, yes this was totally true! We had only been ballroom dancing for 2 years, and we had no formal training as dance instructors.  

But, God loves to use ordinary people for His extraordinary work.  He gives us everything we need for the call He sets before us.  We didn’t need a perfect marriage or years of ballroom dance instruction.  We just had a heart for marriages and a passion for ballroom dancing.  So this is how ‘Dance with Me Ministries’ began.   

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