In the 12 years we have been ballroom dancing together, we have yet to see someone out dancing with a cell phone in their hand.  Maybe it’s because when you dance, you need to maintain a good dance frame. Maybe it’s because you need to keep focused so you can do all of the dance steps you have been practicing. Or, maybe it’s because you need to maintain your concentration so you don’t lead your spouse into another dancer or a post in the middle of the floor!  None of these would  result in a happy outcome.  

But most importantly, it’s a date!  It is a time to get away from technology.  A time to enjoy the evening with each other and with the friends that we meet. Dancing is a great way to get away from technology. 

I am always amazed when couples are on a date at a restaurant and are looking at their cell phones – and are not looking at each other.  What a sad picture.

In our marriage we have made it our custom to not bring our cell phones to the dinner table or the bedroom.  If we bring technology to the dinner table, it’s as if we are bringing others to our meal, which in turn distracts from our ability to focus on each other. 

If we bring technology to our bedrooms, we are bringing the world’s problems and bad news to our intimate special place. While in the bedroom, It should be just the two of us. 

Do you have smartphone guidelines in your family?

The Dangers of Phubbing: Ignoring Your Partner For Your Phone Is Killing Your Relationship

God’s Word-Proverbs 4:26 (NIV) Give careful thought to the paths for your feet

and be steadfast in all your ways.

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