The Sweethearts

For Dan and I, the best part of ‘Dance with Me Ministries’ is getting to know the couples that have taken our class.  We have truly been blessed by those God has put in our path.  Over the course of the 11 years we have been teaching, we have had over 100 couples join us, and I would like to introduce you to one of those special couples.

Dave and Marilyn

Valentine’s Day is a very special day for Dave and Marilyn.  They were married on Valentine’s Day 67 years ago.

Dave and Marilyn met at their church.  She was 13 and Dave was 17.  Dave was singing in the church choir and later Marilyn joined in.  They also attended youth group together.  Their first date was attending a Rainbow Dance.   At this dance the girls invited the boys, and that is just what Marilyn did.  

Marilyn had a dancing background in her family. Her parents met at a barn dance. Dave did not have any dance background and did not know any dance steps. This would be their first and last dance for a longtime – until they saw the opportunity to get involved in a small group through their church called, ‘Dance with Me Ministries.’ 

They thought Dance with Me would be a fun opportunity to learn basic ballroom dance steps, with the added bonus of learning marriage enrichment techniques at the same time.  Dave knew that Marilyn wanted to dance, given that she had asked him to their first dance many years ago.  They also knew other couples who would be taking the class, which made for  the perfect setting for learning ballroom dance.  

I recently had a chat with Dave and Marilyn, and asked them for some of their thoughts about Dance With Me Ministries and marriage.  Marilyn commented on how she loved learning the different dances – Waltz, Rumba, Swing, Slow Dance and Foxtrot.  Dave’s favorite dance was the Waltz and Slow Dance.  Dave shyly mentioned how he does not move like he did 11 years ago when he first participated in Dance With Me Ministries but I told him, “That goes for all of us.”

The class highlight for both of them was seeing couples becoming closer in their marriage! 

When I asked Dave and Marilyn how they have kept your marriage close throughout the years, they noted that they have enjoy participating in the following activities:

·         Picnics and Camping at local state and county parks 

·         Motorcycle and Car day trips

·   Crafting together: Made quilts together for kids and grandkids.  They made wooden Christmas ornaments together.  Dave cuts out the ornament then Marilyn paints.  

·         Visiting Antique shops and collecting antique sewing machines

·         Bed and Breakfasts were a highlight for them, Summer or Winter!  Their favorite was in Door County, Wisconsin.

·         Travels to Hawaii, Europe, Israel and Egypt

·         Eating all their meals together.  They take turns making breakfast for each other. A time to connect.

·         Devotions every day together. Reading ‘Our Daily Bread’ booklet and pray together each morning.

·         Taking Care of each other in their own personal health issues. They needed each other!

·         Surprise trips to Dairy Queen! : )

·         Marriage Conferences

·         ‘Walk through the Bible’ was a spiritual turning point for them both.  In depth study of God’s Word.

Just having fun together was the key in keeping their marriage close and that is just what they did when they started dancing together again!

Dancing to a favorite song by Elvis, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’

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