Winter Dating

A few of our Winter Dating Ideas!

  • Dancing together at home – In the past, we have purchased DVD’s to work on our ballroom dance steps and techniques at home.  Our favorites are from Shawn Trautman. They are very easy to follow.  They now also have a monthly online, on demand option. This would be awesome activity for the winter months.  You can cancel anytime. 
  • Dinner in front of our fireplace-pic
  • Friday Afternoon-dessert  and coffee together
  • Making new recipes together
  • Snowshoeing and Winter hiking-(No bugs or snakes)Wickiup, Indian Creek, Kent Park (Lake and Valley View Trail loop), Morgan Creek Park and Whitewater Canyon near Cascade, IA
  • Friday night pizza and a glass of wine (Our favorite pizza is BBQ Chicken)
  • Noontime walks together
Snowshoeing at Indian Creek Nature Center
Snowshoeing Sights

Part 1-Dating in the Times of Covid(February 19,2021)

Part 2-Winter Dating(Feb 26,2021)

Part 3-Dancing in the Moonlight-Because life’s too short not too(March 5,2021)

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Part 5-10 Reasons to Ballroom Dance(March 19, 2021)

Part 6-Spring Dating(March 26,2021)

Part 7-Summer Dating(June 25,2021)

Part 8-Fall Dating(September 24, 2021)

Please share your Winter Date Ideas!

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