Looking Our Best

Part 4

In the past, our weekly dancing dates included getting dressed up and looking our best for each other!  It was a date!  This was before the dreaded Coronavirus struck and everything was shut down. 

Now, we find ourselves in lockdown mode, isolated from others as we work from home and stay away from the gym.  It is very easy not to put much effort in looking our best.  Let’s face it, we can wear our sweat pants and a t-shirt all the time and no one ever knows except our spouse.  We don’t even have to comb our hair, wear deodorant or take a bath.  : (  We live in a very casual world. 

I went months without wearing make-up.  I felt like I needed a full review on how to apply it to my face. : (

Looking our best does not mean wearing a formal or a suit and tie each day, but it does mean putting some effort into taking care of yourself.  Looking the best that we can. This is good for you and for your relationship with your spouse. It is easy to feel dumpy, when you look dumpy! : ) 

I remember our early dating years. We took time to look our very best for each other.  We would not have thought of doing anything but.  It was a time to impress each other.  I feel keeping this mindset helps keep our relationship stronger.  However, over the many years of being together, we feel it becomes less important to look good for each other.  Not sure why?  I always joke with Dan, this is why the good Lord takes away our good vision, so that as we age, we always look beautiful to each other!  

Recently, we celebrated a date night by cooking a meal together at home.  We both dressed up, fixed our  hair, applied some smelly stuff, shaved our stubble and we pretended we were going out on the town!  Why?  It’s important for each other and our marriage! 

2009-Our first year of Ballroom Dance Dates

God’s Word– Song of Songs 4:7 You are altogether beautiful, my darling;

    there is no flaw in you.

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