10 Reasons to Ballroom Dance

  1. Ballroom dancing gets us away from technology.  Married couples are spending more of their time in front of their computers, televisions and using social media.
  2. Trying something new (Ballroom dancing) will increase our connection and will create a special bond in our marriage!
  3. Dancing keeps us moving! We are becoming more sedentary and not keeping as active as we should be.
  4. While ballroom dancing, you look at each other, touch and spend time together. This increases intimacy and romance. 
  5. Dancing adds laughter and fun to our lives.  Life is stressful at times, which can negatively impact our emotional health and as a result, harm our marriage. We will benefit if we get  more enjoyment out of life.
  6. Ballroom dancing is a built in date.  We need to keep dating even after we become married.
  7. Ballroom dancing and marriage takes lots of practice.  Practice helps to identify areas you need to work on.  You can grow together with your mistakes.
  8. Ballroom dancing is a unique activity that uses physical and mental exercise at the same time.  We need to keep ourselves healthy, which in turn keeps our marriage healthy.
  9. Being considerate and polite go a long way in Ballroom Dancing. (if not, the dance  is over). Being considerate and polite goes a long way towards maintaining  a healthy marriage.  
  10. Ballroom dancing is an activity you can do at any season of your marriage

Why not give ballroom dancing a try? The more you do as a married couple together, the closer you become.  

God’s Word- Hebrews 13:4 (The Message) Honor marriage, and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. 

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