My Mom

For Mother’s Day, I am dedicating this post to my mother, Helen.  As I write this, (April 23)it was just a few days ago she was put on Hospice.  I know my days are short with my mom.  I do not know if I will be sharing Mother’s Day with her. 

My 93 year old mother is in an assisted living facility.  For most of this last year, she could not leave her room, hug her family, or have in person visits. We were not able to spend the holidays together.  At times we could only visit through her window or a plexiglass booth.  With short term memory loss, this was very hard for her to understand.  She is very social and her lifeline was taken away.   I am sure she felt like she was a prisoner.  

I am not saying, I have the answer on how the Covid lock down should have been handled, but I do know that if you take the social out of living, it is not living anymore.  It has taken a huge toll on our elderly, including my mother.   

A  few days back I sat with her in her room for seven hours. As the time seemed to slow down, I held her hand. I was thinking of what it would have been like during Covid (almost a year)with no family or friends. No hugs or kisses.  Just 4 walls to look at.  Day in and day out, isolated.  It made me cry.  

On her last day she could talk, she kept saying how thankful she was for her family and her faith.  She said how much she loved her family, over and over.  I was never tired of hearing those words from her.  

When it all comes down to it, this is what matters.  Our family, friends and faith.   If your mom is still with you, take time this Mother’s Day, and tell her how special she is and that she is loved.  

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful memories with my mom, Helen! I love you Mom!

B. Helen Manning: August 7, 1927-April 27-2021

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