Only You

Praying Together

I remember many years ago hearing someone say, “No one will pray for your spouse like you will.”  That has always been something that has challenged me.   With our foundations being shaken, prayer is a wonderful weapon.   It is a tool we can use to bring our marriage closer.  Why?  Prayer is a very intimate action, especially between husband and wife.  A question we have begun asking each other , “How can I pray for you today?”  By doing this, you find out what is happening in your spouse’s life. They can share immediate needs and concerns for the day.  This allows us as a couple to pray more specifically for each other than simply praying a general prayer, which often becomes our default.  Sometimes there are so many things to pray about, we tend to overlook the prayer needs of those closest to us. 

Praying together will help build a wonderful foundation for your marriage.  Only you will pray for your spouse like you can. 

Do you pray for your spouse?

God’s Word-Romans 12:12  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

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