Ballroom Follower

What does it take to become a good follower of Ballroom Dance?

The Ballroom Dance Follower-

  • respects her leader 
  • is patient and knows her leader is not perfect. 
  • is encouraging and a cheerleader  
  • does not  think or anticipate what the leader is leading
  • Knows her dance steps 
  • is aware of her surroundings.  She will see things the leader won’t.  
  • will work together to make sure the dance goes smoothly 
  • she does not cling-leaders can not lead a step if she doesn’t let go. 
  • stays connected with the leader at all times. She knows where he is. 
  • does  not criticize or compare him to others.  Our words can determine if the dance continues. 
  • gives feedback in a respectful way.  
  • communicates if she does not understand his lead.   It is Okay to do a step over again.  

If you want to dance,  you will learn what it takes to be a good follower.

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