”Could I Have This Dance?”

It was a formal dance evening. I sat in my chair, waiting for the next song that Dan and I wanted to dance to.  A young University of Northern Iowa dance club student came over to our table and asked me if I would like to dance with him.  Most generally, I dance with Dan only, but his approach made it more appealing.  

He put out his hand and said it this way, “Would you please like to dance with me?”

So with Dan’s encouragement not to ruin this young man’s dance experience, I accepted his offer.  

He put out his arm and escorted me to the dance floor.  We introduced ourselves to each other, then did a ballroom dance together.  He led gently, not knowing my dance level.  Then as the dance ended he thanked me for dancing with him.  Again, he put his arm out and escorted me back to my chair.  I have to say, I felt special.  I was wondering what my husband was thinking.  

It didn’t take long to know what was rolling around inside his head. The next song, Dan put his hand out and said “Would you please like to dance with me?” He then escorted me out to the dance floor. Just like the young UNI dance student. 

You realize what a polite word can do to motivate.  A kind gesture.  A husband and wife treating each other special in a marriage or on the dance floor.  It works! 

Some might say it’s old fashioned.  But maybe old fashioned is just what a marriage needs.

God’s Word

Proverbs 21:21-Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and


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