Ballroom Dance Practice

We like to say there are three stages to ballroom dance practice.

Stage One: Excitement stage: 

This is where it begins.  You may be dreaming about being a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”.    For Dan and I, our daughter was getting married soon, so we, or should I say, “I”  thought it would be nice to learn Ballroom Dance.  So I had to get Dan onboard.   We took our first dance lessons with friends, which helped. 

With Ballroom Dancing it takes two people. So the commitment to learn a new skill has to be from the two of you.  You both have to want to dance and practice.  It is new and exciting!

Stage Two: Work Stage:  

This is where the action begins.  You have to work together.  You can’t learn Ballroom by  watching others, YouTube or reading a book. 

Dan and I have taken dance lessons, watched YouTube and videos, but then we have to practice what we learn.  This takes time.  We look at this as our togetherness time.  

We have to practice steps over and over again.  Stepping on toes, frustration, mistakes, and forgiveness are a part of this stage.  When you begin, you will most likely not look smooth.  It looks mechanical.  Most people give up. 

Stage Three-Reward Stage:

After lots of practice your dancing looks and becomes more natural.  You will not have to think so hard. The muscle memory sets in. You will have confidence on the dance floor.

It becomes more fun. 

Dan and I do not stop practicing at this stage, but we continue to build on the skills we have.  If we want to continue dancing, we keep practicing.  

We are rewarded with dancing together!  

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