100% Divorce Rate

Dan and I have had many couples for dinner over our 38 years of marriage.  It has been a big part of getting to know others better.  

One dinner sticks out to me on the power of our words.  One night, we had a couple over for dinner.  They were the parents of our daughter’s school friend.  

During our dinner together, the wife begins to speak very critical words over her husband.  He did nothing right.  She began to pick apart everything he did.  No kind words came out of her mouth.  Dan and I began to squirm in our seats.  It became very uncomfortable.  What do you say back to such venom?

It was not long after, the couple divorced.  

Then months later, we ran into the wife at our kids’ sporting event.  She could not believe why her husband would leave her.  She was crying and continued on with a very sorry story. 

We walked away thinking, we know exactly why he left. 

We have found that the divorce rate in marriage is 100% when hateful or critical words are spoken by a spouse.  Especially in front of others.   

We have yet to meet a couple that this was not the case. 

God’s Word-The Message. Proverbs 18:21

Word’s kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit- you choose. 

Waltz song for you!

Two broken hearts lonely looking houses
Where nobody lives
Two people each having so much pride inside
Neither side forgives

Angry words spoken in haste
Such a waste of two lives
Its my belief
Pride is the chief cause in the decline
In the number of husbands and wives

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