You Did It!

It has been one year since I began my blogging journey with Dance with Me Ministries.   I told myself that I would like to give it a one-year commitment.  I can now say, “I did it!”  52 blogs later, I accomplished what I set out to do.

With Covid-19 taking a big hit on our in-person relationships with dancing, the blog was an online way to keep encouraging married couples.  Hopefully, it was- mission accomplished for someone out there! 

For 12 years Dan and I have had in-person classes to share ways to keep your marriage close while teaching basic ballroom dance steps.  The dancing helps illustrate what a godly marriage looks like. 

 I can’t say this last year has been an easy blogging journey.  What accomplishments in life are easy?  Not many.  I wanted to quit, more than once. : (

A few bumps in my last year blogging road:

  • The death of my mom
  • My ability to write
  • Deadline pressures
  • Lack of readers
  • Discouragement
  • Learning to blog
  • Relying on others

 But we learn from doing and persevering:

  • Accomplishments take work
  • Don’t give up-press on
  • Never stop learning
  • Keep positive
  • Time management-don’t waste your time

I don’t know where I will go from here.  Will I continue?  Maybe, but I finished my commitment and I can now say, “ I did it.”

Thanks go out to my husband Dan, who proofread my blogs each week and is my sweet dance partner.  My biggest supporter of all my crazy ideas.  My daughter Audrey, who gave me the idea to blog and helped me get started.  My daughter Adrienne did the graphic designs for the blog.  Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you. 

I dedicate this last year to my mom, Helen, who taught me so much.  Work hard, don’t give up, and keep the faith! 

One thought on “You Did It!

  1. Thank you for sharing of yourself. Your blog has been meaningful to me this past 12 months. Sometimes life is hard. Marriage is hard. Your perspective and faith filled messages are inspirational.


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