Kiss In The Morning, Kiss At Night…

Kiss in the morning, kiss at night… and more when in sight.

It was one week ago today, at this exact hour, that my life was about to take a turn.  It started as a usual Friday morning.  Dan was off for his 15-mile bike ride and I was just about ready to leave for my one-hour walk with my girlfriend.  

I was out watering my flowers in front of my house when Dan came riding back with his newly repaired bike.  A new rim, new brakes, and greasy oiling made for an easy ride.  This was Dan’s comment as he braked roughly down our driveway.  He was not used to having such good brakes.  

That morning, I was in a bit of a bad mood.  Let’s just say, the deer, groundhogs, and rabbits are enjoying the smorgasbord of greens that I have planted for them.  Many of the flowers I had planted and cared for were eaten to the stubs.  “Can you go somewhere else,” may I ask? 

With my grumpy mood, I made the conscious decision not to give Dan a good-morning kiss.  I finished watering my plants and headed off to get in my walk.  

It was a hot and humid morning, but I always enjoy my time being outside and visiting with my friend.  

As my girlfriend and I finished our walk, we were at the point of separating ways.   I looked over to see an ambulance and fire truck parked right in front of my house.  

I was thinking, I am sure that they are not at my house, but someone else’s in the neighborhood.  I just saw Dan an hour ago and he was feeling great.  

The stretcher at my front door told me something different.  I was instantaneously put into panic mode.  I ran inside my house, rushing to find Dan and the EMT.  I ran straight to the basement where Dan has his office, not knowing what I might find.   

As I quickly approached many eyes including Dan’s were all upon me. I heard one of the EMTs say, “Everything’s Okay.”  I took a sigh of relief. Moments earlier Dan was experiencing very strong chest pains. He called 911.  When the EMT arrived, they gave Dan a Nitroglycerin pill and ran an EKG to check his heart.  The EKG looked pretty good they assured me.  But they still advised him to go quickly to the hospital by ambulance.  

A few things were going through my mind at that moment.  One was that Dan was about the same age that his dad was when he died of a massive heart attack.  His dad left us in seconds, without saying goodbye.  The second thing that hit my mind was how I had left Dan that morning, grumpy, in a bad mood, and never giving him a kiss to say good morning.  

How could I let something so trivial keep me from what’s important?  This was part of our routine.  When we see each other in the morning and when we go to bed there is always a kiss.  I know it is an important part of our marriage. It keeps us close as a couple. I let my attitude take over.  : ( I felt a lump in my stomach. 

After a few hours in the emergency room, the tests came back to show there was something that needed immediate attention.  Soon there was a room full of doctors, nurses, and specialists.  A procedure would be done to find out what was causing Dan the chest pain. Quickly I prayed with Dan and kissed him before he was wheeled away.

After Dan’s procedure, the surgeon informed me that he did have a heart attack.  He had 100% blockage in the artery they call the widowmaker.   The surgeon put a stent in right away to allow proper blood flow.  Dan has recovered remarkably.  A week later and you would never know he had a heart attack. 

I feel very thankful that my dance partner is still with me.  I am thankful for the amazing technology, nurses, and doctors that kept Dan‘s heart beating. I am thankful that I had another chance to kiss him hello. 

Your life can change in an instant.  Don’t have regrets!

Kiss in the morning, kiss at night, and more when in sight!


2 thoughts on “Kiss In The Morning, Kiss At Night…

  1. So very grateful Dan is recovering. God is in control. If there is anything you need just let me know. ❤🙏❤🙏


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