Come Dance with Us!

Let’s Date-Part Three

After teaching our first year of ballroom dancing with ‘Dance with Me Ministries’, Dan and I wanted to plan ongoing dance opportunities for our graduated dance class to attend.  It would keep us dancing and fellowshipping together when our weekly classes had finished.  After many years of dance class ministry, we still have our monthly dances where couples can go out together for a date.  An added bonus is the food, fellowship, and a wonderful venue that these events bring.  

Summer Lake McBride Dance-For over 10 years our outdoor venue is a large deck that overlooks Lake McBride in Solon, Iowa.  A couple that had joined us for ‘DWMM’ has opened their lovely property and home for us to dance the night away.  We start with a pot-luck dinner together and then have a 1-hour dance.  Dancing to either a Fox Trot, Swing, Rumba, or Waltz overlooking the lake.  : )  At the end of our dance, we are treated to a pontoon boat ride to enjoy the moonlit lake.      

Christmas Tree Market- A fall and spring dance awaits us in the midst of the evergreen Christmas tree market.  Another couple that has attended our ballroom dance class has opened their acreage, barn, and outdoor space to our group.  Food is always a part of our fellowship/dance time with a cup of hot chocolate or cider to help with the coolness in the air.  

For many years we had a Valentine’s dance at a local coffee shop.  The venue is a historic older building, with hardwood floors, and a rural setting.  Most couples would dress up for this once-a-year event.  Homemade delectable desserts would be served along with their house coffee.  A music playlist of romantic songs would be played for this festive occasion. 

Our most attended event is our annual formal Christmas Ball.  The venue has changed throughout the years, but our favorite has been the historic CSPS building in downtown Cedar Rapids.  High ceilings, wooden floors, and large windows to see the snow lightly falling makes for a perfect evening.  Everyone brings a festive Christmas finger food to share.  Punch is served. Our music playlist is all Christmas tunes with the beat of Waltz, Fox Trot, Swing, Polka, Rumba, and Slow Dance.  It is quite the evening. 

As with many fellowship and dating outings, the last few years of a virus have made it difficult to continue on.  But we need each other and especially need to date.  As long as we are able, we will plan to dance!   

Kava House Valentines Dance-2013

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