Dinner with You

Let’s Date-Part Four

It saddens me to go to a restaurant with Dan, and I look over to see a couple at a table with their heads down-staring at their cell phone screen.  Their attention is obviously not on each other.  How do they know what is going on in each other’s life?   How do they know what is happening in their day?

In my book of etiquette-all cell phones would be put away when eating a meal.  We need a break from technology.  Especially on our cell phones.  Dan and I have this as a standing mealtime rule at home or when on a date.  We don’t bring our phones to the table.  A cell phone is easy to grab if it is sitting on the table next to you.  You want to share the world’s latest news, pictures, or statistics.  I have done this a few times.   You have to be disciplined at not grabbing your cell phone.  Your phone seems to have a trance on you.  You don’t even realize what you are doing.  That is scary.  

When Dan and I go out to eat at a restaurant it is an event.  Besides our yearly vacations, it does not happen very often.  We have become choosier about where we go for our eating-out dates.  I enjoy a quiet romantic atmosphere.  This really limits our selection.   I despise having TVs in the room where I am eating at.  At one restaurant we went to, I seriously could watch 11 televisions from the chair I was sitting at.  How many TVs does a person need?  You can’t help but have your eyes on at least one of those TVs.  Dan did not have my attention, the 11 screens did.  It was a horrible experience that I would never go back to.  It was not a date.  

On more than one occasion, the venue was so noisy, that Dan and I had to yell at each other to have a conversation.  I would rather stay home. 

We in America have lost the importance of mealtime.  When possible, eating together should be done daily. Mealtime is not just to stuff our faces.   It should never be rushed.  It is a time to connect with our spouse, family, or friends.   This only happens when putting away the screens!

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