The First Dance

Tomorrow, Dan and I have the privilege of attending the wedding of a friend of the family.  The engaged couple approached us about teaching them a few ballroom dance steps for their first dance together as husband and wife.  Dan and I were happy to share our knowledge of ballroom dance with them.  

They chose a song they liked and a slow dance was the best fit for their music.  We taught them a couple underarm turns, a rock step, magic turns, and a final dip for the finale.  

Spending time with this young almost married couple was a reminder of what it is like to always want to be together.  Always wanting to do whatever is asked by the other.  Wanting to dance, just because they know it will please the other.  Smiling at each other-just because.  

They thanked us for teaching them slow dance steps.   They told us that learning the slow dance is something they can take with them in their marriage together.   The slow dance can be easily done in the kitchen, in the garage, or in the bedroom.   

I told them that I believe any married couple that dances with each other daily-would most likely never separate.  

It would keep them close.  Closer together as husband and wife!

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