Date before It’s Too Late

Let’s Date-Part Six

When Dan and I began the empty nest part of our marriage, I knew dating would need to be a regular part of our relationship.  It is easy at this stage of our life, to go our own way, and do our own thing.  When a couple is raising their children, that’s where they put a lot of their time and attention.  Instantly it seems, your kids are gone and on their own.  You find yourself looking at each other and saying, “Who are you?”

Many of our friends and acquaintances, who began the empty nest stage at the same time as we, did call it quits on marriage.  They did not know who the other person on the opposite side of the room was.  They lost the closeness in the many years before and didn’t take the time to have quality dating times.    

I feel if you always make it a priority to date each other, no matter what stage of marriage you are in, you will remain close.  You will know your spouse in an intimate way.  Dan and I made date night a priority all the years we were married.  We didn’t wait until the kids were gone.  If we waited to date, it may have been too late. 

This takes planning and putting a regular time on the calendar.  That’s why they call it a date! Sometimes, Dan and I took turns planning our special outing.  Maybe it was a romantic dinner at home with just the two of us.  Dan would try new recipes, and I loved the night off from cooking.  That was a treat for me.  We would still dress up and make it special even if at home.  

Dating tells your spouse, “You are special and I want to know what’s happing in your life.”  It gets you away from the everyday craziness that life seems to bring.  You won’t regret making dating a priority in your relationship. 

Date Night at Home

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