Battlefields and Botanical Gardens

Let’s Date-Part Seven

Many times when Dan and I go on a vacation together, a battlefield or a public garden is part of our trip.  

Dan is a history buff and loves to research his ancestors that fought in a war.  He writes books on their journey and adventures of fighting for our country.  I have spent more than one spring break with Dan on a battlefield.  I am sure another battlefield is soon to be visited. 

I love flowers.  I enjoy researching flowers and learning more about what selections to put into my yard. We go on dates to botanical gardens, garden walks, and wildflower meadows.  Because of my new sun-filled yard, I now study prairie and native flowers.  

We both like to say that we earn points if we go with the other to their desired place of interest.  We earn battlefield or garden points.  I am far behind with battlefield points. : 0

We have activities we do together, like ballroom dancing, but we also have activities that the other spouse is really not into.  It is important that we support and encourage each other’s hobbies and interests.  Yes, that means more battlefields, reenactments, and revolutionary war sites for me.  For Dan that means visiting more botanical gardens, garden walks, or sitting in a wildflower meadow.  

Think about what your spouse enjoys doing; a hobby or activity.  Then you can plan a date around the other spouses’ interests.  You will earn brownie points for sure! 

Port Hudson Battlefield-2013
Afton Villa Gardens-2013

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