Keep Moving

Part One

Keeping physically and mentally healthy will go a long way in keeping your marriage strong and alive.   Each of us will make decisions each day that will affect our mental and physical well-being.  

Ballroom dancing is a unique activity that can benefit both our minds and body at the same time.  This alone would want a person to get up and try a little Rumba.  

There are many activities we can do to keep our bodies in shape, but you don’t have to use your mind to do it.  Examples are bicycling, running, or walking.  

Try a little cha-cha or lindy hop and you will see just how physical ballroom dancing is.  Some dances get your heart rate up.  All dances are moving around a dance floor.  If you are spending most of your time in an easy chair, this could be challenging.  Some of the steps take coordination.  

For added mind strength,  you can do crosswords, read a book or play a memory game with your grandkids,  but unless you are on a treadmill doing it, you are only strengthening the mind. 

Because ballroom dancing is a lead-and-follow dance, thinking is required if you want your dancing to go well.  You will be learning new steps.  You then have to remember your steps and how to lead or respond with your dance partner.  Dan and I will go to a dance lesson and then go home. It can be difficult to remember what we just learned.  

Having an activity that is fun can also help our mental health. It’s a date night.   Then being around others is an added mental bonus. 

Ballroom dancing will use both physical and mental exercises in one.  How great is that?

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