Let’s Think About This

Part Four

Ballroom dancing does not only have physical benefits but mental also.  If our minds are not healthy, this will affect our physical health.  Here are a few ways your mental health can benefit from a Fox Trot.

Ballroom dancing….

  • keeps our minds engaged and active in the thinking process-especially for the leader
  • relieves stress-it takes you away from the worries of everyday life
  • is a fun activity-you will laugh together as a couple
  • gives you a sense of accomplishment-as long as you do it
  • is a social dance-you are around people and your spouse-what’s there not to love about that?
  • stimulates your brain by trying something new-our phones do all of our thinking anymore

Our mental health has been surely challenged these last few years.  Isolation, fear, and the unknown have taken their toll on our society.   We are all going to have to work to reverse that trend.  When the activity is fun-it makes it easier.  

God’s Word-Psalms 15:15

A miserable heart means a miserable life;
    a cheerful heart fills the day with song.

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