“Do It More”

Part Five

As we grow older, our mind-thinking capacity can diminish.  It is frightening just thinking about it.  When I can’t think of a word or lose my keys, I wonder if I am already there.   The sound of dementia and Alzheimer’s are words that can change your life dramatically.  

Dan and I met a couple in our ballroom dance club where the wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  It was known to the dance group that the diagnosis came with special instructions from their Doctor.  “Ballroom Dance!”  The husband said, “We already do ballroom dancing together.”  The Doctors reply, “Do it more!”  And that’s just what they did.  A dance floor was installed in their basement and they danced together daily.   The Doctor knew (see link below) that the mind and body connection of Ballroom dancing can help reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly.  It also can enhance the quality of life.   The husband wanted to do all he could to help his wife with this disease. For us to see their story unfold on the dance floor was very moving.  

His wife has since passed away.  She did succumb to the disease.  But, I can only believe how dancing with her husband in the last years of her life was something that brought her healing and comfort.  It kept her in her husband’s arms.  : )

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