Healthy New Year

Part Eight

This is the time of year that many of us make our New Years’ resolutions.  Most resolutions seem to be made around the subject of good health.  Most are forgotten three weeks later.   

If you are looking at becoming healthier, mind, body, and soul in the year 2023 here are a few ideas for healthy resolutions. 

  • Keep Moving-Your workout gym can be right outside your door.  Take a walk daily, snowshoe, grow a garden, or ballroom dance. 
  • Purpose-Each of us have been given Godly gifts and talents to bless others.  Knowing your purpose and living it out will help you get up daily.  
  • Manage Stress-Think of what is adding stress to your life.  How can you manage that stress?  Stress is associated with every major age-related disease
  • Eating whole foods-eating as little processed foods as possible. Think of the outside isles of your grocery store.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are the largest portions on your plate. 
  • Go to church regularly. Attending a faith-based service regularly will help you to live longer
  • Put family first-find ways of connecting more with your family 
  • Social circle-Surround yourself with healthy, positive friendships-it’s contagious
  • Clean out your stuff-living simply will give you time to do what matters most 
  • Limit your technology-replace technology with any point made above

Just selecting one point above will have you on the path of healthier living.  This is good for us.  Journaling and an accountability partner will be helpful.  

Many are easy to do-it’s just making a plan to do it. The New Year is a great place to start.

God’s Word-Psalm 65:11

 You crown the year with your bounty,
    and your carts overflow with abundance.

Have a happy healthy New Year!

New Years Eve-2014

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