Social Dancing

Ballroom dancing has been a great way of meeting new friends for Dan and I.  We have been in the ballroom dance world for over 15 years now.  We have met the most amazing people in those 15 years.  Thank you out there if you are one of them.  : )  We have also grown closer to friends that we already knew but joined us with ‘Dance with Me Ministries’.  Dan and I feel so blessed by those friendships.  

When Dan and I began the empty nest stage, so much was happening in our world.  Not only have our children left the nest, but so have the friendships we had built around our children’s activities.  Our girls were in sports and we became friends with many of their friends’ parents.  It was a wonderful experience.  But after those busy times were over, we either had to make an effort to continue to keep those relationships, or we would become more isolated and alone.  Dan and I had built friendships through our church, so we still had those friendships to keep us connected.  But I can imagine if you don’t have your faith connections, it can be challenging to be an empty-nester socially.  

With the upcoming wedding of our oldest daughter, we thought dance lessons would be helpful to learn.  This is where our ballroom dance journey begins.  This is where new friends were about to immerge.  At the time, I thought it was about the ballroom dance steps, but it has been so much more. 

We have built close friendships through ballroom dance by:

  • Attending weekly dances-even when tired
  • Introducing friends to others-a great network
  • Taking dance lessons
  • Carpooling
  • Overnight dances
  • Dinner together before dances

In the many weeks to come, I will share our different social dance, marriage stories, and experiences through my writings.   My heart in writing is to encourage you and share ways you can grow in your life and marriage. 

Friendships are a huge part. 

The Trio

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