In 2009, when Dan and I  began our first class of Dance with Me Ministries, we grew closer to the couples attending.  Dan and I wanted to continue building these friendships.  We thought dance events outside of our class time would be nice.  We knew that staying connected for empty nesters was a lifeline.  We began to plan. 

In our first year of class, we had a Christmas Ball.  As I write this, we are ready to celebrate our thirteenth annual Christmas Ball.  We have had many different venues and a dance playlist just with Christmas songs.  This is the time when our present class gets to try out the dance steps they have learned in the 8-week course.  It is super festive. 

A couple from our first-year class lives on Lake McBride.  They have a beautiful lake-view venue they share with us in the summer.  Everyone brings a dish to share and much socializing is done. We are celebrating over 10 years of summer once-a-month dances.  Many full moons and pontoon rides have added for a wonderful evening together.

Another dance couple lives on a Christmas tree farm.  A fall dance in a barn is the venue for this event.  Food, hot apple cider, a bonfire, a stroll through the Christmas trees, and friendly kittens add to the evening.  

A Valentine’s Dance has been planned at a local coffee chop.  A very cozy venue along with cakes and coffee.  

Other social events we have planned are a backyard garden dance, garden coffees, and game nights. More ways to bring couples together.  

Dan and I plan these events to keep us socially engaged with others.  We know it is good for our health.  It is good for our marriage.  It takes planning and dedication.  We are all busy, but if we plan on ways to keep socially connected it will happen. 

Dancing is what brought us together. 

Deeper Friendships are what will keep us connected

Christmas Ball-2022

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