Our Dance Teachers

Jim and Joy were our very first dance teachers.  They taught dance through our local community college.  Dan and I loved them as we began learning how to Ballroom dance.  We took multiple group dance lessons from them.  We also did weekend getaways to their private studio to learn specific dance patterns.  Jim and Joy were excellent teachers and dancers.  We along with many other ballroom dancers have learned so much from them.  

Dan and I not only learned ballroom dancing from them but the importance of social friendships.  Especially during those empty nest years.  Every week they would go out dancing with their friends.  Sometimes it would be multiple times a week.  The friendships they put time and effort into made it easier to enjoy the empty nest years of their lives.  For many of us, our children move away after leaving the nest.  This makes friendships even more valuable.  More precious. 

We admire Jim and Joy for their great dancing ability.   We admire them for their teaching skills and for spreading the love of Ballroom dancing to others.  But most of all we admire them for how they place a great value on the importance of friendships.  

Covid and health conditions have been difficult for Jim and Joy these last few years.  It has been more difficult to get out with others.  But the example they left to those who know them will forever live.  Thank you, Jim and Joy.

(I am sad to say, Jim Mote passed away on February 18, 2023. Our deepest sympathy to Joy and the family. You will be greatly missed. )

Jim, Joy, Lori, and Dan-2009

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