The Trio

The Trio.  This is what we were called.  Our youngest daughter gave us this name.  The trio was made up of three couples.  They were John and Alice, Ken and Mary, and Dan and I.  We met both couples through Ballroom dancing.  Once we met John and Alice, they introduced us to many friends in the ballroom dance world.   One couple was Ken and Mary.  I remember when John introduced us to Ken and Mary. They mentioned how they also had two daughters about the same ages as ours.  They were in the early stages as empty nesters as we were.   We had many things in common which made it easier to get to know them better.  

Ballroom dancing is as much social as it is dancing.  You can only dance for so long.  You take a break from dancing and sit at a table or stand with others.   You really are in an atmosphere to socialize.   You talk life with those you meet and you begin to develop deeper relationships.  It’s not just meeting someone in passing, with the phrase, “Hi!  How are you today?”  It’s much more, especially if you reach out and put the effort into getting to know someone.   I feel that technology is a stumbling block to our socialization.   There are many things keeping us from leaving our house.   This is not healthy for us.  

What began as an introduction turned into deeper friendships with the trio.  Not only ballroom dancing.  We went on weekend getaways.  We biked together.  We went out for dinner.   We had dinner at each other’s houses.  We went to a wedding in Colorado.  We went hiking.    We felt very blessed to have this relationship in our early years of doing ballroom together.  

With John’s passing, we are no longer a trio, but the memories we share are ones to treasure.  You have to get out there to build these types of relationships. 

The Trio-Dan, Lori, Mary, Ken, Alice, and John-2012

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