A smile is an invitation for a friend.  It can open a conversation.  It is a way that you can say without words that you are friendly.   A person’s face can tell you what is going on inside. 

My personality is mostly serious.  So this is not an easy task for me.  I have to remind myself to put on a smile.  I look at pictures where I am not smiling and I look like a grump.  In my recent unsmiling passport picture, I look like a criminal. This is a little bit alarming for sure.  Is this what people see when a smile is not on my face?  Some people are natural at smiling, and they usually have lots of friends. : )

When I am out and about with a smile on my face, I can tell that more strangers will strike up a conversation.  I am hoping that the conversation will bring joy to their day.  It is not about me, but how can I show kindness to someone that I meet. Smile, and see for yourself how this works.  It really does. 

I think back to Covid and mask-wearing.  I did not feel friendly at all.  I couldn’t wait to run out of a store to get it off.  I couldn’t understand anyone’s conversation either.  No one looked friendly.  I feel there were not many congenial conversations during this time.  I remember hearing some say, “But, you can see the smile with their eyes.”  This didn’t work for me.  No wonder we had a mental health crisis.

Smiling can be an invitation to a friend.  Try it out and see what unfolds.

God’s Word-Proverbs 15:13

 A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face;
    a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day. (The Message)

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