A Social Drought?

Do you have trouble making friends? Do you find it hard to keep long relationships?  If so, you are not alone.  Many find themselves alone and without any close friends.  Friendships take time.  It can take years, but you can start working on it anytime.  Now is the time.  The best way to start is with a passion or a gift that you have.  What are your interests? 

For myself, I have made friends through church, dancing, gardening, and sewing.  Dan and I have made friends as a couple also. This includes church and dancing. This is where we spend most of our free time.

When we moved to town, I did not know anyone.  I felt very alone and Dan worked many hours at his new job.  I remember how difficult this time was for me.  It was not long before we found our home church.  We got involved.  We became a part of a small group.  This helped us to get to know others in the community. Once you get to know someone, they will most likely connect you with others.  This will not happen overnight and you have to be patient in the process. 

With the moves we have made throughout our marriage, I realized that it typically takes a year before you have closer friendships to connect with.  This is only if you get yourself out there.  You-being part of an organization. You-being part of a small group.  Being patient.  Putting in the effort is the only way it can happen.  Friendships will not arrive at your front door.

So, if you are in a social drought, think of what you enjoy doing.  Get involved and don’t give up on the process.  You will find yourself living in greener pastures of friendships!  

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