Life Happens Here

A table is a key ingredient in cultivating friendships.  So much enjoyment can happen around this piece of furniture.   It may be a cup of coffee.  A Sunday dinner.  A bowl of chicken salad.   How about a card game?  Much laughter and enjoyment can be found here.  Life happens here.

As Dan and I have reconfigured our backyard, I knew a table would need to be an integral part of it.  Our backyard (thanks to Derecho) is very sunny with meadow wildflowers, a vegetable garden, singing birds, and humming bees.  A once firepit, overgrown with weeds, was cleared out for a perfect setting.  I always thought a farm-to-table dinner sounded so quaint. Many times I come up with ideas and Dan is quite the trooper with making them happen.  In the summer of 2022, a table in the meadow became a reality.  

Planning is the key to making things happen.  I knew that I would need to plan and invite.  We invited friends to share our meadow for most of the 2022 summer weekends.  We shared a meal.  A glass of wine. Conversation. Life.  It was magical.  

Make the most of your table time by:  

  • Making your guests feel important.  Cut flowers, a folded napkin, pretty tableware, or night lighting
  • No technology – in my book, technology would never be part of a table setting.  No phones and no televisions.  This will keep your focus on those sitting at your table.  It is all about them, right?
  • Keep your conversion positive – no politics, no gossip, and no negative talk. 
  • Accept offers for help. Almost always, my guests asked if they could bring something for the meal.   Saying yes makes you more likely to say yes again.   
  • Plan ahead.  Do as much preparation as you can before your guests arrive.  This allows you more time for enjoyment and conversation.
  • Keep it simple – If you lack time, keeping things simple will be key. A potluck, appetizer night, games, or just a glass of wine may be a simpler way.  Life and conversation can still happen. 
  • Don’t be in a rush.  Slow down and savor the moment.  Make memories.

Your table can be one of the best ways to build close relationships.  We all have one.  We just need to use it. 

Life happens here.

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