Be There

We all go through life with milestone events.  There are new births, graduations, showers, weddings, and deaths.  There is a time for celebrating and a time for mourning.   Being there for our friends and family for these milestones of life is important.  We should make these events a priority for those closest to us.  We can’t let business keep us home.  Being there for our friends and family will show how much we care.

The almost three years of Covid made many milestones a non-event.  We couldn’t hold our new grandbabies.  Graduations were a drive-by.   Amazon-Baby and Bridal Showers. We went to virtual weddings.  Funerals were spent alone.  It was a dark time in our history for relationships.  We couldn’t be there for the ones we love.   

Being on the receiving side of the biggest milestones, motivates me to be on the giving side.   One example was during Covid when my mother passed away.  Her funeral was the first one at her church since Covid began.  (14 months later) I had my closest friends attend.  I had meals brought to my house.  I had garden helpers to assist with my new backyard.   I felt loved and cared for in a time of need.  If we don’t build our friendships, we will not receive these blessings.   If we don’t build friendships we will not have the joy of giving our time and energy to others.  

Having a time in my life when I couldn’t be there for the milestones of those closest to me, makes me motivated not to miss an event in the future.  I want to be there.

Bicklehop Aboretum-Clinton, Iowa

April 27, 2021-The day of my mother’s funeral.

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