A Brain Booster

Would you like a brain boost?  As we age, our brains also go through the aging process.   Dementia and Alzheimers rise.   No one wants to lose their mind.   So what might help prevent declining abilities in our aging brains?

A newspaper article caught my eye.  When it mentioned brain booster, I had to dig a bit deeper. A study was done by Northwestern University.  Their study found that there was a notable link between those with good brain health and positive relationships.  They followed those over the age of 80 whose memories were good or better than people 20-30 years younger.  They had them fill out a survey about their lifestyle.  They also did brain scans and neurological tests. 

The research concluded that there were many benefits of staying socially active. 

As we grow older it is easy to be alone.  You will need to work on keeping socially active.  Spending time with friends will help us as we age.  It brings enjoyment to our day. 

There are so many benefits of staying socially active.  Giving each of us a brain boost for our mental health is a reason to pick up the phone.  A reason to have a coffee date.  A reason to invite someone over.  

Medicine, hospitals, and doctors are expensive.  But the best medicine can be as inexpensive as a cup of coffee with a friend.  A brain booster for sure. 


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