Ballroom Leader

What does it take to become a good leader of Ballroom Dance?

The Ballroom Dance Leader-

  • has a good dance frame.  
  • suggests to the follower what step to do through their frame
  • knows where his follower is at all times 
  • knows his steps and then how to signal to lead the follower
  • Practices
  • makes a commitment to the follower to practice together 
  • knows his surroundings- A dance venue can be challenging with upcoming obstacles including other dancers. 
  • The leader does not let failure or mistakes stop him from dancing.  He learns from them and moves forward. 
  • The leader’s job is to show her off
  • He leads gently, not with an iron grip 
  • He leads with his core, center or heart. 
  • He is patient with the follower if she is struggling.  
  • The leader sets the tempo with the music.  He needs to know the beat of the music. 
  • The leaders never stop working on striving to become better.  He doesn’t give up

When you have a good leader, it makes following a pleasure!! : )

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